The Campaign

The Tanzanian Children's Project is a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for health care and education projects in Tanzania.  We are currently raising money to fund the purchase and installation of electricity at the Malowa Medical Dispensary. Click To Contribute Now.

Without electricity, it is not possible to store refrigerated vaccines or have adequate lighting for evening operations when births often occur. Please consider a donation this holiday season to help us bring this necessity to the community we support in northeast Tanzania.

The goal of this campaign is to raise $9,000 which when matched with funds from other sources will be enough install up to two kilowatts of solar electric panels with battery backup. This is enough power and energy to:

  • run a small refrigerator
  • power several LED lights
  • operate a cell phone charger for up to four phones 
  • run several low power computers that will be used to store patient’s medical histories and other medical information 
  • keep several ceiling fans running
  • connect the medical staff to the internet 

The internet and cell phones will be used to contact more experienced medical personnel in area hospitals.  Cell phones will be helpful for staff involved in home based care visits should they need to contact the dispensary.

Thank you in advance for considering a contribution this holiday season.

Tim Lynch, President of The Tanzanian Children's Project




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The Goal

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